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10 things you didn't know about CBD oil for your dogs

10 things you didn't know about CBD oil for your dogs

As research about CBD oil has continued to progress and expand, there have been an array of new opportunities that are being discovered. A great example of this can be seen with how the compounds in CBD oil and their products impact our four legged friends. As it turns out, the existence of an endocannabinoid system — the system of neurotransmitters that also can be found in humans which allows the properties of CBD to create positive effects in the body — in dogs means that they are able to experience many of the same benefits offered to humans. From calming them during stressful events to bettering their livelihoods as a whole, check out these ten things you might not know about CBD oil for your dogs:



Reduces Anxiety

Many pet owners often mistake bad behavior from their dogs as being intentional, however, in most cases, things like chewing through shoes or having accidents in the home can be attributed to stress. Dogs are sensitive animals that each have their own stressors which can cause anxiety. CBD oil relieves them of this stress by minimizing the levels of anxiety that result from these events. This can also be especially helpful if your dog struggles during thunderstorms or fireworks. 


Lowers chances of cancer

The thought of your dog getting sick with something as serious as cancer can be frightening. It is estimated that about 50 percent of dogs over the age of 10 years old eventually develop cancer. The compounds within the cannabinoid can prevent cancer cells from growing, ensuring that the chances of your dog having to live with this ailment are reduced. CBD can also alleviate the pains experienced by a dog that already has cancer due to its ability to minimize problems such as low appetite and nausea. 


Pain reliever

One of the most popular uses of CBD for humans is to lessen the pain and discomfort caused by joint stiffness and arthritis. Fortunately, CBD oil products can have the same impact for dogs. Although it is not a cure, the oil helps to lower inflammation in the body which can make it easier for your pet to keep moving without serious pain. 


Doesn’t impact them mentally

One concern about CBD products as a whole goes back to a fear of whether or not the substance is able to create dependencies or alter the mental state of the user. With CBD oil, especially that of which is non THC containing, there are no psychoactive effects that produce the high often associated with Marijuana. Because of this, you can trust that your dog will be able to experience the benefits of natural, organic CBD without having to worry about their mental state being negatively impacted. 


Improves digestive health

One of the core parts of a healthy dog is their digestive health. A well-functioning gut allows their body to extract all the nutrients that they need from their food. Unfortunately, as dogs grow older the health of their digestion system deteriorates and limits their ability to overcome illness. Many medications that are meant to solve this problem often cause side effects such as vomiting. CBD oil (especially products that are organic), however, is natural which can increase their appetite and strength to fight off disease without the negative impacts of traditional treatment. 


Promotes heart health

CBD oil works with the endocannabinoid system within dogs to enhance the health of their heart. It maintains consistent blood flow and keeps the heartbeat consistent which can contribute to helping dogs that may have irregular heartbeats or issues with their blood vessels. This is furthered by CBD’s ability to relieve stress in dogs which reduces the chances of them having a high heart rate or blood pressure. 


Helps with epilepsy/seizures

It has been estimated that around 5% of dogs experience seizures or epilepsy. These issues can create anxiety for both you and your dog, resulting in long term problems. To treat it, veterinarians usually rely on antiepileptic medications, but these can be a hazard for the health of your dog’s organs. CBD oil is able to reduce both the severity and frequency of their seizures due to the compounds that bind to the brain and control electric charges of neurons (this is what usually causes seizures in dogs). 


Can treat allergies

Just like us, dogs often experience allergies that can impact areas of their body such as the skin. These allergic conditions can be difficult to treat by traditional methods which has left a small number of options available to pet owners in the past. CBD oil can contribute to relieving this problem due to its ability to promote the growth of new, healthy skin cells which reduce itchiness and irritation for your dog. 


Can be used easily

One downside of CBD oil is that the taste of it can sometimes make it hard to get your dog to ingest it. Luckily, there are several options aside from CBD oil in treats that can allow you to get your dog to experience the benefits of the substance without having to experience the taste. Alternative methods of ingestion such as topicals and tinctures can be utilized to solve this issue with ease. 


Healthy bowel movements

As mentioned earlier, CBD oil has antibiotic components which can aid in improving the health of your dog’s digestive system. Because of this, the substance can be used to encourage healthy bowel movements, especially in dogs that may already be suffering from bowel or digestive disease problems.