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Can I give CBD to my dog for pain relief?

Can I give CBD to my dog for pain relief?

As our pets grow older, it can be difficult to watch them suffer from pain and experience a decreased quality of life. Their joints begin to deteriorate over time and their bodies simply can not run, jump, and play like they used to be. In other cases, even younger dogs can suffer from these issues as a result of injuries or other conditions that may limit their ability to live their life to the fullest. Whatever the individual case may be, every pet owner wants their furry friend to be happy and healthy. 

In the past, pain in dogs has often been treated by way of traditional medication. Although helpful in some cases, they are not always entirely effective and can increase the possibility of unwanted side effects. Recently, many pet owners have attempted to get around these issues by looking to alternative forms of treatment that work well while also being natural. It is most likely because of this that CBD oil — a natural substance that can treat a variety of health issues in both humans and dogs — has become one of the fastest growing health trends on the market for pets. 


What is CBD?

Before jumping into how CBD can help your dog stop suffering from pain, it is important to understand what exactly CBD is. Even if you have not used any CBD products in the past, it is likely that you have heard of the substance. Cannabidiol, the formal name for CBD, is a compound that derives from the cannabis plant which has grown popular due to its medical benefits. There are several varieties of the substance, but they all have similar effects including anxiety relief and chronic pain treatment. 

CBD is specifically derived from the hemp plant. Because of this, a majority of the products contain low to zero levels of THC (this is the compound that creates psychoactive effects and results in the “high” that is often associated with marijuana). 


What type of pain can CBD help dogs with?

There are a number of different conditions and problems that cause your dog to have pain. As they grow older, unique challenges will be presented to their health which can cause them to struggle. Regardless of the type of pain and what it is being induced by, it is important to find ways to relieve it to ensure the wellbeing of your dog. Fortunately, there are an array of categories of pain that can be treated effectively by CBD. Here are some examples of how this substance can solve these issues: 


Inflammation relief

In many dogs that are older or handicapped, inflammation is a significant problem that can cause them issues on a day to day basis. This issue is usually connected to common conditions such as arthritis which worsen over time and are hard to treat with traditional methods. What worsens this situation is the fact that the drugs that are usually prescribed by vets can cause side effects such as gastrointestinal and liver problems. 

Multiple studies have revealed that CBD has properties that are anti-inflammatory for both humans and dogs. Both when taken orally or when applied as a topical to the area of the body that is causing pain, it has been shown to quickly reduce aches. Not only this, but because it is natural it can be used without raising concerns about adverse problems for your dog. 


Mobility improvement 

With age comes a decrease in the quality of mobility for dogs. Activities that they used to love like a walk around the park or a swim in the pool can become difficult tasks that are more painful than anything. Of course you want to prolong your dog’s ability to stay on the move for as long as possible and with CBD that attempt can be made much easier. Because it targets both inflammation and pain, it has been shown that CBD can improve overall mobility. In fact, studies have shown that daily applications of CBD can actually help dogs with conditions such as osteoarthritis. 


General pain management

A popular characteristic of CBD that has made it so popular for both humans and pets is its therapeutic effects. It can provide a general sense of relief and calm the body which can be great for general pain management. Giving CBD to your dog can take their mind off the pain and allow them to focus on things other than their aches. 


What type of CBD should I get for my dog?

There are many types of CBD that are offered on the market. The best option by far for dogs are CBD products that are both organically grown and free from THC. THC is a compound that creates psychoactive effects in humans, however, it can be toxic when given to dogs. Additionally, CBD that is not naturally grown and organic can contain unhealthy substances that could lead to adverse health problems for your dog. Make sure you are sourcing your CBD from high quality producers and keep these considerations in mind.