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How much CBD should I be using?

How much CBD should I be using?

CBD infused products offer a myriad of benefits for users ranging from stress and anxiety relief all the way to a reduction in pain for those with chronic health concerns. These advantages open up exciting opportunities for those who use them and can aid in solving problems that would otherwise cause them discomfort in their day to day lives. While CBD products have been seeing a boost in popularity in recent years as the general public looks to find more organic methods of treatment, there are still certain aspects of the substance and its products which leave many confused. One primary example of this revolves around the question “how much CBD oil should I actually be using?”. 

There are a variety of CBD products currently offered on the market, however, many do not specify or give much direction when it comes to appropriate dosage amounts. This confusion can often lead to an experience with the product that is more frustrating than relaxing. Because of this, it is essential to have a good understanding of the amount needed to do the job properly so that you can have a great experience consistently. 


How to figure out CBD oil dosage

When using CBD oil, it is not uncommon to find that the bottle does not recommend a specific dosage. This can be attributed to the fact that CBD oil, although safe, has no daily intake value that is recommended or regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. 

Nevertheless, there are still methods that you can use to determine how much CBD oil you should be taking. One of the best ways to achieve this is simply by taking account of how your body specifically reacts to different amounts of the oil. Each person has a unique, complex system of endocannabinoids (the compounds that allow CBD to create positive health effects in the body) which means that each individual will react differently to the oil in different amounts. The substance’s effects are also altered by specific characteristics about the user such as their weight, their age, their gender, how they usually react to new substances, and what specifically they are looking to achieve when taking the CBD oil each day. 

Another good way to gauge the initial dosage you should take is by asking your doctor or medical provider. This can be especially helpful if you are taking the oil in order to soothe the pain that is caused by chronic ailments such as arthritis.

Start by taking a small dosage and see how well your body tolerates it. From here the amount can be increased or decreased depending on your personal reaction to the effects. You can effectively keep track of this by maintaining a journal at the beginning of the process that takes note of the dosage you took that specific day and its effects (your mood, any levels of drowsiness, etc.). These changes should be incremental so as to ensure your comfort with the product. Dosage can also be changed depending on how much you feel like you need it from a day to day basis. For example, if you are using the CBD oil for pain, more could be taken on days where the pain is particularly severe or bothersome.


How long does it take for CBD oil to work?

Similar to how much you should take, the time that it takes for the CBD oil effects to actually set in depends on a few different factors. The main force that alters this is the method of ingestion that is used by the person taking the oil. Edibles and other products such as topicals take longer at one to two hours before they start having an impact. Oil that is ingested through vaping or sublingually, on the other hand, can begin to make changes in as little as fifteen minutes. Once the oil has begun to set in and do its job, the effects generally last for a few hours. 


Is CBD oil dangerous?

Although it is important to listen to your own body and measure the effects of the CBD oil to figure out what works best, you can rest assured that non THC containing CBD oil is safe even substantially high amounts. It has been shown that even when taking 1,500 milligrams per day — an amount far beyond the usual recommended dosage — the users were still able to tolerate the substance with ease and with no negative side effects.