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How much CBD should I take for sleep?

How much CBD should I take for sleep?

Getting a good night’s rest is often the foundation to having a great day and a healthy life. Sleep is one of the most important processes that your body utilizes to keep itself running; from resupplying the energy you lost during the day to helping improve your immune system, sleep ensures that you can make the most out of each day. Unfortunately, many of us seem to struggle when it comes to this night time necessity. The feeling of a long, sleepless night is one that is all too common and can put a damper on your mood and overall well being — no one likes the feeling of being tired. 

A lot of people who suffer from these problems often feel like they are at a dead end. It can be hard to find products or methods that work and when they do they often come with unwanted side effects or just simply feel unnatural. Because of this, many people have turned to organic CBD oil to resolve this common issue. While CBD has been proven to have the ability to transform one’s sleep routine for the better, it can sometimes be hard to figure out how much CBD should be taken to work effectively. 


Can CBD oil help with sleep?

To understand whether or not CBD oil helps with sleep, it is important to first see what actually causes unhealthy sleeping patterns. There are a number of things that can cause problems in this area. Mental health disorders (like anxiety), excessive caffeine use, physical conditions (like chronic pain), environmental factors (like an uncomfortable bed), and some medications can all contribute to negatively impacting your nightly rest. External conditions such as these and other related problems are able to be solved, or at least reduced, in many cases with the use of CBD oil. 

For example, chronic pain — an issue that creates sleep problems for people around the world — caused by conditions such as arthritis has been shown to be reduced by CBD oil. The compounds in the oil attach to neurotransmitters in your brain to send signals that lessen the feeling of pain caused by the condition. One great aspect about CBD for sleep is that it provides all of these therapeutic effects that are great for helping you to relax before bed, but without any psychoactive effects. Because CBD oil has low levels of THC it can ensure that you will be free from experiencing any sort of high (a good tip is to seek out organic, non THC containing CBD oil to further this impact). 


How much CBD is enough for sleep?

One problem that many people run into when attempting to use CBD is figuring out the dosage that they are supposed to use. Unfortunately, many companies fail to include recommendations about how much of their product to use. Even for the few products that do, it still might not be the right amount for you as an individual. These concerns can sometimes turn people away from the products and prevent them from being able to experience the fantastic results that come about for their sleep schedule. Thankfully, there are ways that you can determine what amount of CBD is the right amount for you to work effectively. 

In short, the right amount of CBD actually depends on you. CBD oil is not a one size fits all treatment which simply means that different dosage amounts work for different people. This can be altered by common factors such as gender, age, body mass, your own tolerance levels, and your activity level among other things. Despite this, a good starting point for most people is about 15 milligrams of the oil before going to bed. This is enough to feel some effects while still being able to gauge if you need more or less. For most people, an amount between 15 to 30 milligrams ends up being the perfect level of CBD oil to bring about the effects they desire. 

The most important thing to do when first beginning to use CBD oil for sleep is increasing or decreasing the amount in small increments. From the base dosage, you can slowly amp up your intake over time until you get to a point that works perfectly for your own body. 


Transform your sleeping experience!

Insomnia and other sleep related problems are things that can have a terrible effect on your day to day life. Feeling tired at work, being in a constant bad mood, and just not being able to make the most out of your life can be frustrating. With CBD oil, you can eliminate these problems in a natural, effective way. It can be difficult to figure out the dosage that works for you when it comes to getting the oil to work well, but the time it takes is worth it to completely transform your sleeping experience.