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 Fleur d’Henri creates the world’s finest Zero-THC CBD-infused confections and supplements. Try our products and see if your body becomes more of what it was meant to be.

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Welcome to Fleur d’Henri

Fleur d’Henri confections come from the hands of our Executive Chef who has been classically trained in the fine dining pastry chef field.  The confections we make are in line with the boutique treats you see in windows of high end patisseries across the world.

From chocolates, to macaroons, to marshmallows and pate de fruit, Fleur d’Henri has created a line of confections that surpass all other edibles in their market, with amazing taste while providing the benefits of broad spectrum 0% THC phytocannabinoids (CBD) from organically grown USA farms.


Cannabidiol, a.k.a. CBD is a powerful plant extract that has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. CBD is one of 113 cannabinoids extracted from a hemp plant having very low levels of THC. This allows CBD to be used in our products safely and legally. Our extraction technology allows for high levels of CBD, along with its accompanying phytocannabinoids (CBD), terpenes and flavonoids while eliminating unwanted THC. Naturally-occuring trace amounts of THC are identified and removed from the oil while leaving intact the broad spectrum profile of non-psychoactive phytocannabinoids and synergistic compounds such as cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG), cannabinol (CBN), cannabichromene (CBC), and over 40 naturally preserved terpenes.



It’s the only thing that works on my back pain that I’ve had since I had 2 vertebrae fused in my neck and a separated sacrum. The Fleur d’Henri soft gels are awesome!

~ Tommy

I received my Fleur d’Henri 1000mg balm this week. I massaged it into the scar tissue on my skin from cancer surgeries and radiation treatments. I was pain-free for the first time in eight years. Thank you.

~ Lisa

Wanted to let you know how much I love your tinctures. They have unexpectedly helped my insomnia. I have a premenstrual disorder which has being treated with an antidepressant. I’ve had periodic bouts of insomnia. I tried your tincture and I’ve been pleasantly surprised that when taken before I go to bed I sleep soundly and wake up feeling amazing.


So grateful for your company. What you do is SIMPLY magic. As someone who has to deal with debilitating chronic pain due to bladder disease, I can’t thank you enough. Your soft gels have saved me dozens of emergency room visits.

~ Aaron

After years of battling psoriasis, itching horribly and being embarrassed, I tried Fleur d’Henri balm and my psoriasis improved dramatically. No itching, no irritation, no side effects. I highly recommend this topical.

~ Lisa

I suffer with severe chronic pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. I take multiple medications and have tried many varied options for pain relief with minor success. After Fleur d’Henri products I experienced immediate relief the worst areas affected with pain.

~ Glenda

I am currently going through cancer treatment and have had a lot of back pain so I’ve been on multiple opioids to control. I’m trying to get off of the meds but haven’t found anything that has worked. Once I rubbed Fleur d’Henri balm on my lower back and I immediately felt a soothing feeling that helped relax me and helped me to sleep. I am hoping this will help me cut down or eliminate my pills altogether.

~ Antonio

I live to run and I have had pain in my upper legs for years. I have tried everything – massage, physical therapy, acupuncture, heat, ice baths, electrical stimulation, rollers and while I get slight relief nothing has worked. Once I tried the Fleur d’Henri soft gels the pain disappears – it’s amazing how it works!

~ Frank



What is the ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM?2018-12-11T03:48:44+00:00

The endocannabinoid system recently was recognized as an important regulatory system in the body that impacts the function of a group of cannabinoid receptors.   These have been found within the organs in the body, primarily affecting the brain, central nervous system, and soft tissue.

Is this legal for me to do and what’s going on with all the regulations?2019-01-17T03:47:54+00:00

Both Fleur d’Henri and our supplier are legal entities, licensed by CO State Dept. of Agriculture and compliant with Federal Farm Bill 2018. Our THC-free PCR hemp oil is legal to be sold in all 50 states and outside US.

However, in light of the recent warning letters by FDA to some CBD suppliers, it is essential to understand that no medical claims have been approved,

What is CBD?2018-12-11T02:23:03+00:00

CBD acts as a therapeutic agent in your endocannabinoid system, constantly working to get your body into a place of homeostasis. As a naturally occurring molecule in your body to begin with, the consumption of CBD provides additional regulatory molecules to help your bodies physiological systems operate more efficiently.

History of CBD:

Until the mid-1930‘s cannabis grew wild across America- making it consumed by both humans as well as animals, therefore the population constantly received residual CBD throughout their food. The endocannabinoid receptors were constantly full and people were healthy for the most part. When cannabis was outlawed in 1937 the plant was removed from the land, animals stopped eating it and humans were not receiving adequate CBD through there food causing their endocannabinoid system to be stripped. Only in the past decade have so many allergies and diseases have started to pop up in our society- many of which are linked to a low endocannabinoid level. With the re-introduction of cannabis in our country, we can fight to eliminate many of these allergies and diseases that have become normal in our society.

What are “Cannabinoids”?

Group of 112 molecules found in a cannabis plant- of which CBD and THC are most common.

What are “Terpenes”?

Terpenes are essential oils that enhance the cannabinoids within a cannabis plant and hold numerous medical benefits. Terpenoids and cannabinoids have been shown to “produce synergy with respect to treatment of pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety, addiction, epilepsy, cancer, fungal and bacterial infections.*”
*A September 2011 report by Dr. Ethan Russo in the British Journal of Pharmacology


Types of CBD

Isolate CBD Products

Isolate is the removal of all the terpenes and cannabinoids except for the CBD within the cannabis oil. Doing so is only possible through synthetic stripping, therefore causing the finished product to be considered as an inorganic synthetically compromised molecule, that classifies product as a schedule one drug.

Full Spectrum Products

Full spectrum oil is composed of all the molecules and terpenes naturally found within a cannabis plant including THC.

Full spectrum, Zero-THC Products

These products are composed of all the molecules and terpenes naturally found within a cannabis plant with the removal of the psychoactive molecule THC. Full spectrum, zero-THC can be used to support those with heart disease, liver disease, Alzheimers, cancer, AIDs, sizers, autism, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, Crohn’s, glaucoma, those suffering from withdrawals or addiction, blood sugar levels, diabetes, motion sickness or nausea, immune system support, asthma, inflammation, muscle spasm, acne, skin disorders, chronic headache or migraines, ADHD, and much more.

Particle size

When the oil is extracted, the particle size of the raw oil has a size of 1-5 microns- a size at which most of the oil will just pass through our body. In order to enhance the effectiveness, the particle size of the oil needs to be in a nano-meter form which allows the oil to penetrate our bloodstream and absorb into our endocannabinoid system.

What is the difference between CBD and Marijuana and why is CBD legal?

CBD comes from any form of cannabis- the most common of which are hemp and marijuana. Where hemp is legal to grow in almost every state, marijuana is only legal in a hand-full of states. The difference is, hemp is primarily used for textiles and air purification for its fibrous texture and therefore the cannabinoid percentage within the plant is only about 5%. Where as in a marijuana plant the cannabinoid percentage is much higher averaging to about 18%. This is important when extracting the oil because the concentration of the molecules is represented by the 5% of total cannabinoids within a hemp plant and 18% in a marijuana plant. Therefore in a hemp plant, the small concentration of the different cannabinoids, you loose the majority of their benefit because they have such a small concentration vs a marijuana plant where they are present and active within the oil.