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Does CBD Cream Work for Joint Pains?

Does CBD Cream Work for Joint Pains?

What is CBD?

The increasing popularity of CBD products has opened the door to an array of new possibilities in terms of health and wellness. Proponents of the substance praise it for its ability to remedy problems ranging all the way from anxiety to rare cases of epilepsy. The natural healing properties that come by way of the cannabinoids in CBD have emerged as a method to control chronic problems that were once viewed as something uncontrollable. One prime example of this can be seen with how CBD infused products aid in naturally minimizing chronic joint pain. 


Life with joint pain

Within the United States, arthritis — an inflammation of the joints that causes prolonged stiffness and pain — has become the most common cause of disability for adults. In fact, it is estimated that about 24 million Americans are impacted by the effects of joint pain, causing a limit on what they are able to do in their day to day lives. 

Joint pain and arthritis are issues that, unfortunately, worsen as time goes on. The limitations that accompany this problem can eventually become so significant that they prevent people from enjoying regular activities that they were once able to do with ease. 

As anyone who experiences joint pain will tell you, arguably the worst part about having this condition is that there hasn’t been any way for doctors or other medical professionals to treat it or control the pain in a substantial way. Until recently, the suggestions for taking care of chronic joint pain centered mostly around “lifestyle changes” or taking over the counter painkillers. The lack of options for a permanent solution made many who deal with this problem feel as though their life could never return to the state that it was in before joint pain. Thankfully, this has begun to change as zero THC CBD products have started to be recommended for pain control. 


How does CBD joint cream work?

Due to the fact that CBD products have not become readily available until somewhat recently, many people still have questions about what may come across as unfamiliar territory. One concern is about the substance’s relation to the recreational drug marijuana. However, the non THC properties of CBD oil derive from hemp (another form of cannabis) which does not produce any of the psychoactive effects that marijuana commonly produces. Another question commonly asked is this: how effective really is CBD when it comes to regulating joint pain?

In the body, there is a cell signaling system that is called the endocannabinoid system. These receptors in combination with CBD make it possible for the body to protect immune health and reduce swelling or discomfort by producing an anti-inflammatory agent. It is because of this process that many who use CBD joint cream for their pain have been able to live with conditions such as arthritis without it having an impact on their life or comfort as a whole.

Recent studies that have been done regarding this topic have consistently been promising in terms of the positive effects of CBD for joint pain. Cannabinoids in this substance focus both on controlling inflammation in the body while simultaneously releasing neurotransmitters that target sites of pain (such as discomfort in the wrist joints). CBD is able to regulate the activity of pain signals sent to the nervous system which considerably lowers the amount of pain that is in turn experienced as a result of the joints. Along with this, using products such as a CBD joint pain reduces inflamed portions of the body — a change that furthers the positive impacts offered by the substance. 


How to use CBD joint cream

CBD joint cream can be used by being applied directly to the joint in your body that is causing you pain. Before using it regularly or often, it is important to test your body’s reaction to the substance by rubbing a small portion on yourself and waiting for several hours to ensure that there are no side effects. It is also a good idea to speak with your doctor to make sure that CBD is an appropriate option for you. 

The amount needed varies from person to person, so making note of what works for you is important when first using a CBD joint cream. If the product you are using does not begin to have an effect immediately, give it some time as it can take a little bit for the substance to begin working.