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Is Hemp oil and CBD oil the same thing?

Is Hemp oil and CBD oil the same thing?

With CBD oil becoming so popular, there has been a resurgence in attention for another similar product: hemp seed oil. Some mistakenly refer to them as the same thing. This confusion can often be attributed to how interchangeably words like CBD, marijuana, and hemp are used. This is furthered by the fact that “hemp oil” can be used mostly to describe CBD oil. But “hemp oil” is much different from “hemp seed oil”. The truth is that hemp seed oil and CBD oil are independent of one another (even though they are both extracted from the hemp plant) and each have their own purposes and uses for the people who buy them. 


What is hemp seed oil?

Hemp seed oil is derived from the hemp plant and contains natural, nutritional antioxidants that can create positive effects in the body in differing ways. Similar to CBD oil, the substance does not cause users to get high due to its minimal amounts of THC. 

Although research about the topic has not been consistent, some proponents of hemp seed oil believe that it can aid in promoting a healthy cardiovascular system. This includes helping things such as the triglycerides and total amount of cholesterol in the body. 

One of the most prevalent uses of hemp seed oil is by manufacturers who use the substance for nutritional products such as yogurt, snack bars, and bread (this is why you may have seen some health food products in the store that say they include hemp seed oil in them). This is mainly because of the high nutritional content that is offered by the oil.


What is CBD oil?

Like hemp seed oil, a majority of CBD oil on the market is extracted from the hemp plant which is why it does not create the euphoric high experienced by users of marijuana and THC. Although all CBD oils do mostly the same things and offer the same benefits to users, there are generally three forms of the substance that you can find online and in store:


Full Spectrum CBD oil: This includes all the compounds of the cannabis sativa plant including low levels of THC


Broad Spectrum CBD oil: This includes many of the compounds in the sativa plant, but has no THC in it


CBD isolate oil: This type of CBD oil contains only the compound CBD and has none of the other compounds that can usually be found in the cannabis plant


CBD oil vs. hemp seed oil

As mentioned earlier, there are unique differences that exist between hemp seed oil and CBD oil. Here are some of the primary distinctions between the two:


Different production methods

Although they both are extracted from the hemp plant, the particular process used to process the substances and make the actual oil is different. CBD oil is made using a process called CO2 or Ethanol extraction. This procedure draws substance from the entire hemp plant which allows the resulting oil to contain a greater amount of the plant compounds such as terpenes and cannabinoids. Hemp seed oil, on the other hand, is extracted by way of cold pressing the hemp seeds. This results in a thick, dark oil that is rich in nutrients due to its high concentration. 


Different benefits for each

Because of the different methods of extraction, the resulting products provide separate benefits to the user. The high concentrate of hemp seed oil makes it nutrient-rich which is ideal for a healthy bodily system. This is primarily due to the levels of omega-3s and omega-6s which supports the heart and greater cardiovascular system. 

While hemp seed oil is healthy, it pales in comparison to the advantages that are offered from CBD oil. Studies have shown that CBD oil not only supports general physical and mental health, but also can alleviate pains associated with more serious issues such as arthritis, high blood pressure, and epilepsy. It is because of this that many people view CBD oil as having the upper hand over hemp seed oil. 


Is CBD oil better than Hemp seed oil?

An overview of hemp seed oil and CBD oil reveals that they each have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. They both share a lot of the same components and have been used in similar ways in the past. Despite this, when getting to the bottom of the comparisons, it becomes clear that CBD oil offers the greatest value to users. Organic, non THC containing CBD oil presents a diverse array of benefits which hemp seed oil can not match.