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Is CBD oil purely organic?

Is CBD oil purely organic?

With new CBD oil products seemingly popping up everyday, it can be difficult to make sense of what all the different labels mean. One of the most confusing parts of this for many people comes down to one simple word: organic. 

There are many questions about this buzzword and how it applies to the CBD oils sold by different companies on the market. It can be difficult to figure out what is best for you and make a decision that ensures that you are purchasing products that have your health and wellness as a top priority. 

It is important to have a good understanding of what organic CBD really means and how it differs from those that are non-organic. 


What is organic CBD oil?

To get a true understanding of what organic CBD oil is, you must first start with what it derives from — the hemp plant. Within the hemp plant, there are hundreds of different compounds called cannabinoids. One of the main compounds from this plant is cannabidiol, also known simply as CBD. When CBD is extracted and processed, it is able to be turned into an oil and infused into a number of products. These products, including everything from CBD creams to beverages, offer health benefits such as anxiety relief to those who use them. 

So, how does the word organic relate to all of this? The term “organic” can only be used by companies who produce goods that are grown or made without the use of GMOs (genetically modified organisms), ionizing radiation, sewage sludge, synthetic fertilizers, or pesticides. 

All of this goes to say that CBD oil that is labeled as organic derives from hemp plants that have been grown in a natural way that follows these strict conditions. They have not been tainted with any unnatural products that could make their way down the line and cause harm to the people who use them. Along with this, organic CBD oil has also been certified as being extracted and processed using no synthetic chemicals which furthers these positive effects. 

More and more, both producers of hemp and CBD oil along with consumers are choosing to opt for organic products that guarantee quality. 


Are all CBD products organic?

As mentioned, to gain the title of being organic, a producer of hemp or CBD oil must follow precise guidelines that revolve around natural conditions and top quality processes. Because of this, there are a significant amount of CBD products on the market currently which are not organic. Some companies choose to forego these procedures in order to make cheaper products, but this results in oil that is not as effective or safe. Fortunately, most CBD oil businesses that are organic are upfront about it which makes it easier to seek out these healthier options. 


Is it better to get organic CBD oil?

Even with knowing the differences that come with organic CBD products, some may still wonder if it is worth it to find and purchase them. Although many people who opt for organic products can advocate for the benefits that come along with organic CBD oil, the best way to get a good sense of the importance of natural, organic CBD is by looking at the facts. Because of the stringent requirements placed on organic hemp growers, the resulting conditions are more pristine and pure. The absence of synthetic chemicals or other dangerous substances in the growing process allows the end product to be natural and clean. 

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are bad because they can drain the soil surrounding the hemp of its nutrients. Along with this, it has been shown that these invasive substances can trigger allergic reactions and long term health problems in consumers. 

Also, these unnatural chemicals have been proven to have a detrimental impact on the environment. They are able to harm both the air quality and natural habitats, often resulting in the killing of wildlife. 

Organic hemp and CBD oil, however, eliminates these problems because they do not rely on these harmful chemicals. Therefore, purchasing CBD oil with the organic label can help to assure you that you are not ingesting any toxic additives that could bring about unwanted health effects. 


Where can I buy organic CBD oil?

Organic CBD oil can be found in many wellness shops and holistic pharmacies across the United States, however, it can sometimes be difficult to locate a wide variety of options in-store due to CBD availability still being fairly new. It is best to purchase organic CBD oil from online companies that offer top convenience and choice. Businesses such as ours here at Fleur give you access to the organic options you desire right from the comfort of your home.