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Can I drink alcohol while taking CBD oil?

Can I drink alcohol while taking CBD oil?

CBD oil has been popping up everywhere, taking the health and wellness industry by storm due to its therapeutic effects on the body. Beyond the health industry, the substance is also beginning to make its way onto the alcohol market with CBD infused beverages. With changes such as this starting to occur, many have begun to ask the question, “can I drink alcohol while taking CBD oil?”. 


What happens if you drink alcohol while taking CBD?

Alcohol is known to create feelings of relaxation and reduce inhibition within the people who drink it. Similarly, CBD oil has therapeutic impacts which are able to calm the user and reduce their anxiety as a whole. Because of the interrelation of these effects with the two substances, although research is still developing on the topic, it is possible that taking the two together can result in an amplification of these effects on the body. This could result in unwanted symptoms such as sedation or drowsiness. 

Along with this, the intensification of the effects could create a change in one’s mood and behavior. Some past studies have shown that mixing alcohol and CBD oil together could cause negative effects on a person’s ability to perceive time and their motor skills. 


Can CBD help with the side effects of alcohol?

Although existing research suggests that combining CBD oil and alcohol could cause negative effects such as sleepiness, interestingly, taking CBD oil on its own could aid in treating side effects caused by heavy alcohol use. Here are a few examples of this:


May reduce alcohol levels in the blood

Individuals who have a high blood alcohol concentration due to prolonged drinking results in a greater loss of cognitive function and general motor skills. Some studies have shown that ingesting CBD oil is able to significantly lower these levels, however, research still is not entirely conclusive. 



Could provide therapeutic effects for addiction

CBD oil has long been praised by proponents for its ability to induce therapeutic effects within those who use it. These impacts on the body have been linked to a possible tool to aid in curbing addictive behaviors for the people who suffer from it. 


Could aid in preventing cell damage

It has been proven that excessive alcohol use over time is able to cause the deterioration of cells and increase the risk of cell disease (this includes serious conditions such as liver disease and pancreatitis). Research shows that cannabidiol has anti-apoptosis, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidative activities in individual cells which can reduce cell death. 


Should CBD oil and alcohol be taken together?

The effects of alcohol have been studied extensively over the past several decades which has made us aware of the detrimental effects of prolonged, frequent alcohol use. It has been established that this behavior can create impacts such as liver damage and differing types of cancer. CBD oil, on the other hand, has been shown to be tolerated by humans even when ingested well above the recommended amount. Also, CBD oil is natural and works well with other nutritious ingredients that often enhance its positive value. 

Despite limited information about the topic as a whole, combining alcohol and CBD oil should be safe. Like all other substances, it is important that you start off slowly and in moderation while figuring out what works for you. Being cautious when first starting is a great way to ensure that no negative reactions will come about. Listen to your body and gauge your reaction to any side effects to determine what is best for you as an individual. 



It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact way that mixing CBD and alcohol impacts the body. Despite this, the substances have already begun to make their way into alcoholic beverages and similar products. Because research is still inconsistent, it is best to follow your own individual response in order to establish a solidified opinion.