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Can CBD lower blood pressure?

Can CBD lower blood pressure?

In the past couple years, stress in America has been on the rise. The situations that we experience on a day to day basis coupled with larger problems such as the recent pandemic, have created a perfect storm for high blood pressure. Those with high blood pressure know the difficulties that come along with it; troubling trips to the doctor’s office and expensive visits to the pharmacy are just some of the aspects of life with this condition. 

There are serious complications such as stroke or heart attacks which certainly require medical attention, however, there are steps that can be taken to naturally reduce high blood pressure. A great example of this can be seen with the use of hemp derived CBD oil. 


CBD and blood pressure

It has been proven that blood pressure can be lowered by doing things such as limiting stress and the consumption of substances such as tobacco. These efforts are usually accompanied by medicine prescribed by doctors that are also supposed to contribute to minimizing high blood pressure in the body. Unfortunately, much of this medicine can cause negative side effects like dizziness, headaches, and swelling. This has led many who suffer to seek out natural treatments as an alternative. 

CBD works with the endocannabinoid system in the body by altering how your biological system sends messages. This can contribute to managing problems such as inflammation and pain, but also has helpful benefits for parts of the body impacted by blood pressure as well. For example, CBD is able to activate TRPV 1 receptors that are able to reduce pain and regulate body temperature as part of its therapeutic effects. 


Can CBD lower blood pressure?

When our bodies experience high physical or emotional stress, a hormone called cortisol begins to be released. As these levels of cortisol begin to rise, it affects blood vessels which can also contribute to a rise in your blood pressure. CBD oil has been shown to minimize this process. The substance dilates blood vessels which opens them up and provides more blood flow around the body, and thus regulates both the blood pressure and cortisol levels. 

In fact, it has been discovered that just one dose (one dose in this case being 600 mg of CBD oil) was able to lower the blood pressure of users, regardless of if they were under stress or just resting. This goes to show why many who experience high blood pressure have started to make the shift to CBD oil to take advantage of these benefits without having to take a chance with the side effects of normal medicine. 


How does CBD oil help hypertension?

Pain relief

Studies have shown that high blood pressure can be exacerbated by acute pain in the body. Due to the ability of CBD oil to alter the activity of pain receptors in the body, it can target this pain and lower the chances of it leading to hypertension. 


Inflammation reduction

One of the most popular uses of CBD oil is for arthritis, however, it is able to reduce inflammation in more areas of the body than just your joints. Research shows that the anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD compound can control inflammation in the heart and blood vessels to aid in improving blood pressure levels. 


Anxiety control

Similar to stress, anxiety is a major problem that impacts a large number of people across the country. Anxiety is a serious issue that can raise concerns about heart palpitations or an increase in heart rate which ends up raising blood pressure. CBD is able to minimize this due to its ability to keep stress under control and create therapeutic effects. 


How to pick a CBD oil for high blood pressure

As long as the oil is derived from the hemp plant, there is no need to get a prescription for the CBD oil. Despite this, there are still certain precautions and things you should look for before deciding which CBD oil product to purchase for your high blood pressure. The best way to stay safe is to seek out companies who make their products using organic hemp and thorough processes that ensure a high quality. 

A good tip is to look for companies that source their CBD from farms in Colorado or the West coast due to the quality associated with these regions when it comes to the production of the substance. It is often also a good idea to use CBD oil that is non THC containing so as to eliminate any concerns that come with the psychoactive nature of THC.